STTARR provides state-of-the-art imaging resources for translational drug discovery and radiation research

■ Image Guided Radiation Therapy
■ 4 CT scanners (15 to 150 microns)
■ 3 MRI Scanners (7T, 1.5T and 1T)
■ MicroPET
■ Optical Imaging (Fluorescence and Bioluminescence)
■ High Frequency Ultrasound
■ Photoacoustics
■ Image Analysis (in vivo and pathology)
■ Histopathology
■ Tissue Molecular Imager (DESI-MS)
■ Whole Body Plethysmograph (respiratory function)
■ Tissue Culture
■ And more…

The STTARR (Spatio-temporal Targeting and Amplification of Radiation Response) program opened its doors to the research community in October 2007. STTARR and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre’s Radiation Medicine Program provide a platform for cutting-edge multidisciplinary research that is unmatched anywhere in the world. We have a number of advanced imaging instruments and experimental capabilities available to the research communities including: CT, MR, PET, SPECT, Ultrasound, Photoacoustics, Optical and radiation therapy. Our team of 30+ professionals have advanced over 500 studies in cancer as well as other diseases including arthritis, Alzheimer’s Disease, HIV, cardiac, stroke, spinal injury, osteoporosis.

The STTARR Correlative Pathology laboratory is equipped with innovative technology to enable whole-mount pathology in a systematic way preserving the geometric integrity of the sample, enabling accurate correlation to in vivo imaging. Our slide scanner can acquire high resolution  images in brightfield or fluorescence of tissue sections up to 7”x5” slides. We also offer image analysis services for the following softwares: Definiens Tissue Studio and Developer, Inveon Research Workplace (IRW), The DCE Tool, ImageJ, Amide, Microview, and Amira.

Lastly, we have a cell culture facility and dedicated wet lab space for developing new contrast agents, molecular probes and radiotracers.


STTARR is a fee for service facility. Please contact if you have any questions regarding the internal/academic price structure.

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Description Rate
1. Bench Fee $10.00/day
2. Western Blot
         Chemiluminescence $15.00/ data point
         Flourescence $10.00/ data point
         Pre-cast gels $20.00 extra each
3. Molecular Biology Exact charges will be discuss on an individual project basis
         E.g. DNA constructs $2,000 – $5,000
4. qPCR
Using TaqMan Probes
        Starting with cDNA $4.00 per reaction
        Starting with RNA $5.00 per reaction
Using SyBR Green
        Starting with cDNA $1.50 per reaction
        Starting with RNA $2.50 per reaction
5. Tissue Culture
Growth and Propagation
         6-well plate $3.10/plate
         35 mm plate $1.10/plate
         60 mm plate $2.10/plate
         100 mm plate $3.60/plate
         150 mm plate $5.25/plate
         T25 $5.25
         T75 $13.00
         T175 $26.00
         Cryopreservation $2.50
         Medium, bottle $21.00
         6-well plate $7.25/plate
         35 mm plate $1.30/plate
         60 mm plate $2.90/plate
         100 mm plate $6.25/plate
         150 mm plate $8.25/plate
         1 box @ -80C (set of
drawer for 4 boxes are
         1 box @ liq. N2 $15.00/month
         FACS $0.55/sample
6. Radioisotope Assay Exact charges will be discuss on an individual project basis
        E.g. Kinase activity assay /
Northern blot / Southern blot
/ RNA protection assay /
Metabolic labeling
7. In vitro Immunoflourescence  $5.00/slide
        Antibody optimization $750.00/antibody
9. Technical Staff
       Technician $55.00/hr
       Project manager /
scientific associate /
Imaging Current Rate
Vevo 2100 Ultrasound $58/hr
Vevo LAZR Photoacoustics $116/hr
CRI Maestro $32/hr
VisEn FMT $58/hr
Leica FCM 1000 $32/hr
Xenogen IVIS Spectrum $32/hr
GE Locus Ultra microCT $116/hr
Siemens Inveon microCT $90/hr
Siemens Arcadis Orbic 3D C-arm $47/hr
X-Rad 225Cx Micro-IGRT $58/hr
Micro PET Focus 220 $116/hr
Bioscan nanoSPECT/CT $116/hr
Bruker 7T MRI $116/hr
Aspect Imaging 1T MRI $116/hr
Siemens Aera 1.5T MRI $210/hr (1/2 price for phantom imaging)
Bruker Relaxometer (1.4T) $58/hr
Leica M651 stereomicroscope $26/hr
Perkin Elmer Gamma Counter $32/hr
Tissue Molecular Imager (Desorption ElectroSpray Ionization Mass Spectrometry) $210/hr
Brookhaven Dynamic Light Scattering $32/hr
Rheosense mivroVisc Viscometer $26/sample

Data Storage and Analysis
STTARR Core IV has a complement of experts to assist in data management and analysis for your study. Please see the Core IV pricing structure.

• Above prices do not include operator and anaesthetic costs
• Normal operator fee (for budgeting): $58/hr
• Nominal isoflurane anaesthesia charge: $19/hr
• Contrast agents and tracers are an additional expense
• Prices exclude technical services and surgical charges
• Prices for PET, CT and MRI include image reconstruction, but not post-processing analysis
• Prices are subject to change without notice

For more information and External rates, please contact Justin Grant ( or Deborah Scollard (

For use of the clinical scanners in the Radiation Medicine Program at Princess Margaret Hospital, tumour bank, and resources for drafting REBs, phase 1 clinical trials, etc. please contact us at

Current Rate
Full Service
Data Analysis $55/hr+ $15/hr for workstation
Long term data storage $1/GB/month
Large data storage $250 per month (For the first 2 TB, after which $50/TB will be added to the monthly fee).
Self Service
Image Analysis Workstation
– IRW, ImagePro,
Definiens Workstation $15/hr

*Internal Rate – applies to researchers and scientists affiliated with University Health Network.
**A 5% administration fee will be added to each invoice.

For more information, please contact Trevor McKee at

Description Pricing
Specimen freezing $6.30 per sample
Tissue processing & embedding $7.75 per sample
Microtomy $3.00 per section
H&E staining (≤ 5 slides per order) $6.20 per slide
H&E staining (5-10 slides per order) $4.10 per slide
H&E staining (≥10 slides per order) $3.70 per slide
Immunohistochemistry $18.90 per slide + antibody cost (if not provided)
IHC New Antibody Optimization $220.00 (inquire for details)
Tunel assay $32.35 per slide
In Situ Hybridization $32.35 per slide + probe and detection kit cost
Hypoxyprobe (pimonidazole) $32.35 per slide + probe and detection kit cost
Hypoxyprobe (EF5) $32.35 per slide
Image acquisition (whole slide scanning) Please Contact Us

*Pricing applies to academic researchers and scientists, please inquire for external rates

Please contact STTARR for more information and pricing.


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